3 Week Yoga Immersion Training Course To Guide You In Creating A Regular Home Yoga Practice Find Your Own Home Yoga Practice

Want to practice yoga but have trouble finding the time, money, space, studio, motivation ..This course is for you!
Infuse your life with meaning, health and well being TODAY!

This 3 week yoga immersion course will guide and support you in creating a regular home yoga practice. It’s called ’21 Days of Yoga’ because it is scientifically proven to take 21 days to rewire your neural synapse in the brain and create a new habit.

This powerful program with 57 lectures and hours worth of video content will create change. Together we transcend the many barriers that stand in the way so that you can build a strong foundation of yoga, that will allow your practice to continue for weeks, months and years after we finish the course.

Comprised of videos, audio classes, text and quizzes, this course is full of insights, tools and practices, proven to establish a consistent home yoga practice.

Included in the course is access to a private ’21 Days of Yoga’ facebook group for support and encouragement and all the content is YOURS TO KEEP.

Give the gift of yoga to yourself and start your journey of meaning, health and wellbeing TODAY!

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