Alphabet Learning for Kids – ABC Song

Welcome to alphabet learning for kids. Our ABC SONG. If you are a parent and have young kids. Or if you have friends and family that need help teaching kids the English alphabet this is an awesome video.

The artist who created this is Gracey Grageda who is an expert at using the leading explainer video software Go Animate. She created her channel today to help her young son who learning disabilities mainly in speech. Gracey is head of production at Business2Video one of the worlds leading explainer video producers in Australia.

Yes, this is a launch and by subscribing and liking you will be doing some good in this old world.

Her thoughts were even young kids these days are digesting the wrong type of content even at a young age. This is something that can be shown to kids quickly and the content that is digested is healthy.

The video is simple and has some really cool animation and is fun and eye catching. The colors are warm and inviting. There is a catchy ABC song that is easy to remember. Studies have shown this type of explainer videos have an extremely positive affect on children.

The children that have already watched the video you will find will sing along and learn most importantly.

The video goes through the A to Z alphabet learning for kids and uses a simple ABC song that is hard not to watch. Meaning kids will be glued to the screen. The animation is extremely colorful and seems to have the Simpsons type phenomena when it a child’s attention span. The video was only launched today and has picked up views fast.

If you have kids and have a smart TV it looks totally amazing when viewed through a TV. The bigger the TV the better, to be honest when I first saw the explainer video and thought it must have cost at least $10 000 to produce.

This video can be used with disabilities young children and babies will benefit. To be honest if you were learning English, I am sure you would find the production very useful. It may help some of us who have not learned the alphabet in some time.


This video was made for love and not for money. Please take the time to share and help Gracey to get her message out and promote the video and channel. You can expect plenty more videos form Gracey over time.

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