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Get this through your head: hyperlink building isn’t easy. It, like all things in optimization, requires time and effort. Instead of going after simple links, why not work on building relationships with bloggers and work on writing guest posts that can add worth to their site and neighborhood whilst benefiting you with exposure to their audience and possibly building a quality reference from an authoritative site.

Here’s the thing, you run a business, and kudos to you. Based on Dun and Bradstreet you will find an estimated 23 million small businesses in the United states as of 2010. I am not saying that you’re not doing something that is newsworthy, but just existing doesn’t qualify you. Ask any public relations agency and they will be fast to tell you that there’s much more to PR than just a press release. Kimberly Eberl, President of Motion PR in Chicago states: Public relations is really a conversation in between a business and all of its different stakeholders. It encourages company transparency and works to the benefit of all parties. PR is about building awareness and leveraging relationships via numerous channels and markets.

Kinda sounds like hyperlink building, doesn’t it? Press releases for the sake of hyperlinks alone is probably just as close to a waste of time as post submissions. Keep in mind, no quick fixes. Do something newsworthy and great. You’ll be helping someone else at that, in turn can help you with efficient media relations and the links will follow. What is this, 2004? Hyperlink exchanges are just another method to try to take the function out of gaining hyperlinks and earning trust by swapping hyperlinks with another website.

Can you think of a much more effortlessly detectable signal that you simply could throw at a search engine to let them know you’re trying to obtain cheap, useless hyperlinks? Believe of a link as an endorsement of sorts. A link ought to mostly be utilized when it makes sense and may assist the visitor by pointing them to extra resources or related material. If someone tends to make good content then that will help your readers or site visitors, then by all indicates hyperlink to them. This poor SEO technique just doesn’t wish to die. I get it, old habits die difficult. But buddies, it is time to move on.

We currently understand that great content material can drive great links. Here are a few concerns to ask yourself when looking at your content creation: Are you currently outsourcing your content writing? If so, who’s performing your writing? Is it the individual most qualified to build out superb, hyperlink worthy content material? Who’re you writing for and why? Are you writing for search engines or are you writing to develop an audience? These shouldn’t be mutually exclusive things, by the way.

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