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Hi, Welcome to CRYPTO INFO. This channel is dedicated to people first being introduced to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn about all the benefits and flaws of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, then simply subscribe and you will be notified every time a video is published.

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. We suggest its something that you don’t miss out on. There is much to learn, and we try and keep our viewers as interested as possible. We have some nice plans for the channel and hope to cover everything from breaking news, tips, articles and all types advice.

It doesn’t matter whether you simply are inquisitive or are experienced in the world of Bitcoin. I am sure the channel can offer you something.

We are currently based in the Philippines however it really doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Bitcoin is a world-wide currency and is amazing when it comes to the speed of international transactions.

In our opinion if you are not involved in Bitcoin on any level. Then you are basically still living in the dark ages. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have some big advantages over normal banking systems. One aspect is transaction fees.

We aim to take our views on a real cryptocurrency journey. Six months from the time I published this channel. I had no idea about what bitcoin was. If you are in the same boat, then this the channel for you.

CRYPTO INFO is the average person’s channel when it comes to information about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency then this would be the channel for you.

Please check out some handy links here to get you started. If you don’t even have a Bitcoin wallet then check out some of the links below.

See you on the other side and don’t forget to subscribe.

Some handy links

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