bolognese dog – bolognese puppies

bolognese puppies – bolognese puppies

If you’re the kind of person who can’t tell an adorable little white fluffball no,you’re going to have some problems with your adult bolognese dog. Of course you can spoil him; that’s what toy dogs are for, but giving him lots of love and attention, along with the softest spot in the house (your lap, most likely) doesn’t mean you have to let him get away with nipping, snapping or nuisance barking. Make sure he knows the rules, and enforce them gently and consistently from day one, and he’ll be a prince without being a tyrant.

Although  bolognese puppies can be a wonderful family pet, this may not be the right breed for families with young children. These dogs can easily be injured if play is too rough or even snap at a child if frightened. However, they love children, so as long as play is supervised and the children are gentle, dog and child can be fast friends.

The curly coats of these lively little dogs require daily brushing and occasional professional grooming. Neglected coats become matted, which is painful and can lead to serious skin infections. 

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