bolognese puppies – bolognese dog

bolognese puppies – bolognese dog

Your bolognese dog is really a small breed of canine of the Bichon sort, originating in Madeira. The name means the central Italian language city of Bologna. It is area of the Toy dog group and is particularly considered a companion dog. They appreciate attention, and make good house dogs and cats. They are effective in socializing with various other dogs, big along with small. They possess a strong bond with the person/s they waste time with most.

Trademark traits in the Bolognese include: frolicsome, easygoing, earnest, ready, intelligent and loyal. They are not hyperactive and therefore are normally more reserved compared to the Bichon Frise.

The bolognese puppies are extremely responsive to obedience training. They are usually highly intelligent, quick to know, and easy to coach but can be quite stubborn when they don’t manage to get thier way. A Bolognese will begin to train to potty pads as well as a bell-ringing notification system for taking potty breaks exterior.

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