boxer dog breed – boxer dogs

boxer dog breed – boxer dogs

The boxer dog breed is compact and strong. The head is at proportion with the body. The muzzle will be short and blunt that has a distinct stop. The actual nose is big and black having very open nostrils. The jaw has an under bite. The eyes are dark brown. The ears are generally set high, both cropped or maintained natural. When cropped there’re trained to operate on the head, tapering to an argument.

When left healthy the ears are generally thin, falling ahead, lying close towards head. The neck need to be round, strong and muscular, without any dewlap. boxer dogs muscular entry legs are right and parallel when viewed in the front. The rear legs are effectively muscled. The tail is placed high and usually docked. The AKC severely penalizes an all-natural tail, while the vast majority of Europe has outlawed this practice.

Dewclaws tend to be removed. The small, smooth, close-fitting coat is available in fawn, brindle, suntan, mahogany and african american often with whitened markings. Boxers are also made of a white coat that can’t be registered with many clubs.

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