Car detailing logan utah


Phone: (435) 374-5297
Address: 39 West 300 North, Hyrum, UT 84319

Basic detail: $70
Full detail: $100
Ultimate detail: $180
Legendary detail: $300
Buff/wax: $200
Headlight restoration: $40

Basic: a very thorough blowout of the carpets and seats accompanied with a good vacuum. Plastics will be shined. Windows cleaned. Outside gets a wash and a dry.

Full: thorough blowout accompanied with a shampoo of seats and carpets. Plastics will be scrubbed and shined. Windows washed. Outside gets a good wash and dry.

Ultimate: seats removed shampooed. Carpets scrubbed and anything cloth scrubbed. Plastics scrubbed and shined up. Windows washed. Outside gets a buff and a wash. Dried and shined up. Rims scrubbed and shined. Plastics restored.

Legendary: seats removed and shampooed. Top to bottom is scrubbed in the vehicle. Plastics, fabrics. Everything. Windows washed. Outside is buffed and waxed. Windows bladed. Rims are scrubbed and shined. Wheel wells are shined. Engine bay degreased and shined. Anything plastic exterior is restored and shined. Practically a brand new looking car.

We also off various special services.

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