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Any digital marketer will tell you video is the fastest growing format on the Internet. According to Cisco Systems, video will represent 80-90% of global consumer Internet traf- fic by 20181. There is a great opportunity here for local business owners to get their message in front of their customers. Consumer generated video sites such as Google’s YouTube, Vimeo, and the like are now joined by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other leading social networks who are all vying to be the undisputed leader of video consumption. Premium publishers and video players such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more are leading the transition from traditional programming content to exclusive and proprietary content delivery. All of these video networks are not only changing where consumers are spending their time watching video, but they are also giving rise to new opportunities for advertisers who want to reach those audiences. You better believe some of the best digital marketers out their are paying attention.

Facebook, in particular, has been a fast emerging player in video having rocketed into a leadership position. In August of last year, comScore found that for the first time Facebook had more video views than YouTube on desktop. Since that time, the two have been battling it out month by month for the top spot. Facebook’s meteoric rise is driven by their growth in video views per person, which have nearly doubled year- over-year from January 2014 compared to January 2015. With Face- book’s reported video views exceeding three billion per day in January of 2015, a figure that had tripled since September of 2014, that means comScore’s desktop numbers only represent one tenth of Facebook’s total video views. As is the case with emerging channels, digital marketers will eventually follow to reach these new video audiences.

JAN ‘15 vs JAN ’14 91% increase in video views per person on Facebook, compared to 9.9% decrease for YouTube.

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