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Shower Problems That Are Solved By Custom Teak Shower Floor| Shower Insert|Spa Floor|Steam Room Seat

Installing a custom teak shower floor in the bathroom is a good way of avoiding accidents and moisture damage.

It eliminates the following issues:

Slip and Fall Accidents
Fitting a custom teak floor minimizes the chances of slipping and falling in the shower, providing solid, firm and stable base with good feet traction.

Moisture Damage
Most wood shower mats disintegrate or rot when exposed to moisture for extended periods.
The best solution is to install genuine teakwood, which is naturally resistant to moisture, shampoos, soap, and body oils.

Mold and Mildew
Poor ventilation and excess trapped moisture leads to mold and mildew in tile grout, concrete, non-water resistant wood and stone.
Mold and mildew doesn’t affect teak, so the bathroom is more hygienic and safer.

Shower slip and fall accidents, mold and mildew issues are handled by installing a custom teak shower floor.

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