daschund – dachshund puppies

daschund – dachshund puppies

The daschund arose in Germany in the first 1600s. Bred to look small game for example badger and rabbit, the Dachshund provides shortened legs in order to hunt and comply with these animals to ground within the burrows where they are able to fight the prey for the death. “Dachs” is the word for badger.

dachshund puppies where bred to hunt hare as well as stoat. Dachshunds have many “terrier” attributes. They are flexible and courageous dogs and have absolutely been known to fight foxes and otters too.

The breed’s people dwindled during World War l, but dogs were imported from Germany for the USA and the actual gene pool again increased. The Dachshund was recognized by the AKC within 1885.

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