Debt Collection Agency Birmingham

Nearly all companies that are collections double as group agencies. Although the titles are alike, the gap is enormous. A collection agency only uses a bank of folks who phone debtors and try to get them pay their own debts. These principles are extremely strict and are harshly enforced.

In Schwartz & McClure we streamline the procedure by dispensing with all the “service” part entirely, moving right to the lawful procedure. The FDCPA requires us to ship a demand letter to every debtor, explaining exactly what they owe, and also giving them 30 days to react. Following the expiry of the statutory interval, if we haven’t heard from the debtor, then we file suit. It’s been our experience that this ends in the retrieval of more cash, more effectively because of our clients and also little to no probability of harassment claims. Another benefit we’ve discovered to our strategy is that, once the litigation doesn’t follow months or weeks of phone harassment, individuals are inclined to be less combative if they really do call to repay their situation or make payment arrangements. To put it plainly, we can earn the courtroom is that the “bad man”, and normally maintain a civil relationship with all debtors.

In keeping with our overarching doctrine of providing excellent service to our customers, we supply our customers with their very own portalsite, so they might keep tabs on each of their instances without having to phone or email us and thus they can send fresh accounts and get instant confirmation of reception without having to send sensitive customer records through the mail.

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