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Eating out BBQ Ribs & Beef sandwich – Restaurant review in Cuenca Ecuador ,Please Subscribe, Comment and Like if you liked our video and would like to see more.

This time in our show “Have a bite with us” eating out ,we went out to the central of cuenca ecuador right next to the new cathedral on the side of the park we saw a restaurant that looked cool it’s called SIMON we went in checked the menu quickly and decided to stay because it was beautiful we have done 2 previous restaurant review before and this time wanted to go eat salad or something healthy butt the place looked too good to skip. The atmosphere in the restaurant is so relaxed and chill the music was awesome and the staff was very friendly. I asked the waitress what she recommended and ended getting the pork BBQ ribs because she said they were good. Karen picked the Beef sandwich and we ended really liking our meals. The fries were the best we had so far even though we say it in every video it’s true ! The plates came really fast and were served on a cute little black board the gave it character everything felt really fresh and crisp. For the BBQ ribs the portion size was 1 pound which is great because i love to eat a lot. I was really stuffed at the end super full. Karen got so much cheese in her sandwich that she was also full and it’s not easy to get her full of food lol. We really didn’t want to leave the restaurant was so relaxing and perfect. We really hope you liked this restaurant review and will subscribe to our channel to see more videos like that one!


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