Finding Your Soulmate PLR, Finding Your Soulmate PLR Review

Finding Your Soulmate PLR

Finding Your Soulmate PLR Review, Bonus – Tiffany Lambert PLR Relationships Package –

Finding Your Soulmate PLR Pack Details:
Front End:

20-Page eBook:
Finding Your Soulmate in 2018

Chapter 1: What Does Having a Soulmate Feel Like?
Chapter 2: Treat Your Soulmate Search Like a Business
Chapter 3: Know Your Measure of Compatibility
Chapter 4: Dating for Different Generations
Chapter 5: Tools, Resources and Technology for Finding Your Soulmate

5-Page Report:
Top 10 Things Your Soulmate Wants to See in Your Dating Profile

1. Current Pictures
2. Your Sense of Humor
3. Hobbies and Interests Instead of Clichés
4. Honesty Without Negativity
5. Details About Your Likes and Dislikes
6. Relationships with Family and Friends
7. The Type of Person You’re Hoping to Find
8. A Summary of Your Life Now and How You Want It to Be
9. Confidence
10. Your Preference for Pets

15 Articles:

1. Are You Truly Ready to Find Your Soulmate?
2. Don’t Rush the Process of Finding Your Soulmate
3. Don’t Subject Your Soulmate to a Mountain of Emotional Baggage
4. What Does It Mean to You to Find Your Soulmate?
5. Do You Let Negative Emotions Interfere with Your Soulmate Search?
6. Don’t Let Loneliness Push You Toward the Wrong Connections
7. Have You Made Room in Your Life for Your Soulmate?
8. Before You Say Goodbye to Dating Sites and Apps
9. Are You Soulmate Material?
10. What Are Some Relationship Goals You Have for Your Soulmate Connection?
11. Do You Have Limiting Beliefs About Finding Your Soulmate?
12. What Dating Dilemmas Do You Feel Impede Your Search for a Soulmate?
13. Treat Your Soulmate Search Like a Garden
14. Cultivating a Harmonious Soulmate Connection
15. Don’t Rescue Someone Hoping You Can Turn Them Into Your Soulmate

Finding Your Soulmate PLR OTO:
New PLR Reviews of Dating Sites and Apps:

2. eHarmony
3. Tinder
4. OKCupid
5. Coffee Meets Bagel
6. Hinge
8. Bumble
9. Happn
10. Plenty of Fish

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15. Nice Guy’s Dating Guide (Value $7)
16. Get Your Ex Back Autoresponders (Value $7)
17. Dating for Women with Kids (Value $5)
18. Dating Advice for the Newly Single (Value $6)
19. Missing Your Ex? It’s Not Too Late (Value $5)
20. Tao of Badass PLR (Value $8)
21. A Christian Man’s Guide to Dating (Value $7)
22. New Dating Trends (Value $5)
23. Dating for Women After Divorce (Value $5)
24. Getting Your Ex Back From Another (Value $5)
25. Text Your Ex Back Into Love (Value $5)
26. What Men Need to Know About Dating Today (Value $6)
27. Humor Helps You Get the Girl (Value $6)
28. Avoid These Dating Deal Breakers (Value $5.50)
29. Better Relationship Communication (Value $5)
30. Dating Niche Starter Outline (Value $8)
31. Online Dating (Value $5)
32. Relationships (Value $5)
33. Relationship Tips (Value $5)
34. Nice Guy Dating 5 Pack (Value $5)
35. Saving Money on Dates (Value $5)
36. Get Your Ex Back Articles (Value $5)
37. Dating Tips for Men (Value $5)

Front End: $17 for 40 Pages

OTO: $27 for 10 New Pages + Bundle Worth $420.50 from Tiffany Lambert’s PLR Store

Finding Your Soulmate PLR

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