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Google Maps marketing is a prime source of phone calls for law firms.

Google has gotten very proximity oriented for local search results.

Translation: search results, especially in the precious 3-pack/maps listing, depends on the location of the searcher, the device used to search, and your connection type (mobile versus WiFi versus hardwired).

The other big components: the optimization of your business listing (Google My Business) and website, which includes your onpage and offpage optimization, reviews and citations (quality and consistency of name, address, phone number and web listing-NAPW).

Why is the local 3-pack/maps listing so important and worth the investment?

When a local 3-pack shows in a search result, between 40%-60% of all clicks go to one of the 3 positions. This is based on our research of over 10,000 searches. Others in the search marketing industry have shown similar results, with some industries getting over 80% of the clicks in search results. We have found the Google Maps listing in the top 3 spots account for over 60% of click-thrus in the legal market.

Take-Away: Listing in the 3-pack is the best source of leads for attorneys.

Don’t Despair About Ranking in the 3 Pack – We Can Help You Get There.–ZSESvJMymS81otEAbNUv

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