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Google Maps is where you need to be found. Google Maps marketing is a prime source of phone calls and walk-in traffic for local businesses.

Google has gotten very proximity oriented for local search results. Translation: search results, especially in the precious 3-pack/maps listing, depends on the location of the searcher, the device used to search, and your connection type (mobile versus WiFi versus hardwired).

The other big components: the optimization of your business listing (Google My Business) and website, which includes your onpage and offpage optimization, reviews and citations (quality and consistency of name, address, phone number and web listing-NAPW). In competitive markets it is imperative that you continue to update and optimize your Google My Business/Maps listings as well as write localized content on your blog and syndicate to your Google My Business listing. With Google reducing the radius that local businesses can be found, and with cities showing multiple packs (3-pack listing variations) based on searcher proximity, every effort should be made to take advantage of the factors we can influence directly through local search optimization in order to achieve top Google Maps rankings for your competitive keywords.

Local SEO is More Competitive Than Ever.

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