Hitachi 32 inch TV review

Hitachi 32 inch TV Review

Ok, let’s jump straight to the important stuff

Amazon – $190 (as of May 13th, 2016)

This sexy beast is the Hitachi 32” 1080 HD LEDTV and I love it!
On this TV, we’re looking at 2 HDMI inputs, a VGA, PC audio in, USB, and coax, here on the side. Below that we have another HDMI, making three in total, and our composite inputs, as well as our digital audio out – for your own sound system or headphones.
The TV weighs maybe 5 pounds and is about 3 inches thick.
I am using it as a second monitor for my computer. I have it connected via HDMI, but I’m running my sound through my external speakers. They just have a little more umpf than the built-in speakers on the TV. While the audio quality isn’t bad, I would say that it’s the one weak point of this device. It’s not bad, I just like the extra bass from my sound system. I have my xbox 360 connected to this as well and it sounds fine.

I use this monitor for graphic design, video editing, some light photograph editing, gaming, and Netflix.

I’ve had it for about a week now and I have been very pleased with it. Doom just released last night and the image was so crisp and clear, it made the game feel really smooth. Even my wife wanted to play after seeing the quality of the image. The full native 1080p made a big difference. I ran a little comparison, I have another HD monitor, a 24” one, right next to the big one and there was a notable difference in image quality.

Again, I have been very pleased with this TV. So much so, that we’re selling our 42” hand-me-down tv to get another one of these for our living room. My wife is using a similar one, though it’s a few inches smaller, for her photography and graphic design work. She loves hers so much that I had to upgrade, too.

This guy cost us $160 at Sam’s Club. You can find it on Amazon as well for $190, you’ll find a link in the description below. And me, being the cheapskate that I am, find this HD TV to be an exceptional device and I am very happy with it.

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