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Have you received a notice from the IRS or State Tax Commission informing you that you have not filed your income taxes and they have given you an IRS deadline to get it done?

Are you a victim of IRS harassment/threats/liens?

Do you have a notice of assessment for IRS unfiled taxes?

Are you unable to enjoy life because of this IRS filing deadline?

Though a lot of different types of people can be a tax preparer and keep your books, only a CPA may be your representation to the IRS.

If you have received notice, you are not alone, so do not despair. The first thing to do is contact your Certified Public Accountant. Individually, they help hundreds, if not thousands of clients file their income taxes, keep current with their income taxes and have also helped people who have not filed in many years to become compliant by getting their income taxes filed.

It is amazing that many of the people who are helped have found out that they didn’t owe as much as they thought they would. This means some clients go back as many as 10 years back for people with whom the IRS has caught up to and have been given a deadline to file their tax returns.
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