Learn The 7 Brewing Methods To Brewing High Quality, Top Notch Coffee and Become A Coffee Expert

From beans to brew – everything you need to now about coffee. It’s time you knew what you were drinking!

Have you ever been at a coffee shop and didn’t know what half the stuff on the menu was?
Or maybe you decided it’s time to save money and brew your own coffee:
Which of the 7 brewing methods are you going to use?
What about buying beans? Are you getting the best quality? Or even the beans you like?
Or maybe you are just curious and just want to understand and to be able to talk about coffee.

The goal with this course is to give you a strong foundation of coffee knowledge to allow you to personalize your coffee experience. Whether you want to become a certified coffee snob, or just find your coffee niche, we’re going to provide you with the building blocks.
Created this clear and concise course to get you all of the knowledge you need and up and brewing high quality, top-notch coffee as soon as possible.
Whether you’re brewing for friends, co-workers, or just yourself, I confident you’ll notice a drastic difference in the quality of your coffee, and your enjoyment of the experience.
Sign up today, and let’s start brewing!

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