Commercial Lighting Maintenance Boise

Lighting Maintenance Boise

Commercial Lighting Repairs Boise


Scheduled Maintenance Boise

Boise Lighting Maintenance Plans, Nampa, Meridian, Garden City, Eagle, Kuna, Caldwell and all of Treasure Valley Idaho.

  • Parking Light Maintenance Boise

  • Commercial Lighting Boise

  • Lighting Retrofit Maintenance Boise

Our monthly lighting maintenance Boise program is our most popular service that we offer. Changing lamps, both inside and out, can be tedious, expensive, and dangerous.

Why spend the time and resources on finding out what lamps your facility uses, buying a stock of lamps and storing them, and then have your employee get hurt while on a ladder, shocked, or worse.

The L.E.D. Lighting Alternative: You want to make a change to save you money, lower maintenance costs, and even do something “Green” but can’t justify an R.O.I. above 2 years?

…Super Pulse Start Quartz Metal Halide is the answer! Cut your electricity usage in half.


Lighting Maintenance Boise
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