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Pixelmon Minecraft is a HUGE addon for Minecraft that adds in hundreds of Pokemon from the Gameboy series. You start out by picking your favorite starter Pokemon from the all but the newest generation, and you’re off on your adventure.

In this Pixelmon Mod review, we look at gameplay and how to perform basic tasks, such as how to make a Pokeball in Pixelmon and how to evolve Pokemon with stones in Pixelmon. It should be a fun distraction until the latest Pokemon game becomes available.

Pro Tips:

– You can heal your Pokemon by sleeping in a bed, so keep an eye out for Mareep so that you can get their wool. Otherwise, you can pillage it from a Pokecenter or something.

– How to make Ultraballs. You’ll need two black acorns and one yellow acorn. They’re pretty easy to find, so it makes sense to go after them, first.

– You might want to wait before establishing yourself in an area until you can find a Pokecenter. Towns have them and they spawn randomly in the world as well. I mostly find them in plains biomes bordering with forest ones.

– It’s kinda hard to find low-level Pokemon at first. So I suggest farming Magikarp at the beginning. As long as they stay below level 15, which is when they learn tackle, they can’t harm you and you can get ok experience from them. You can find level 19 Magikarp in the wild, so if you have any Pokeballs and if you’re able to lower it’s HP a little, catch it and battle some more Magikarp and get yourself a Gyrados!

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Download Pixelmon Minecraft here: http://pixelmonmod.com/downloads.php

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