mini husky

Pros and Cons of the mini husky

They love to talk and are very vocal

The mini husky is a very vocal breed of dog- they all have their own distinctive little “voices” and love to talk and talk. Opening the front door and coming home? Well, be ready to hear an earful once you step into the house! The  mini husky will also be extremely vocal when things are not the way they want them to be.

They cannot be trusted off leash, never ever

Similar to the husky, the mini husky is a breed that simply cannot be trusted off leash. As they have a high predatory drive, they WILL run away at the sight of a squirrel or a bird. It doesn’t matter that they’ve never done it before or that you’ve trained him or her to have excellent recall; all it takes is that one time, and by the time you’ve realized that it has actually happened, it is already TOO late.

In fact, “being a hit by a car” is the most common cause of death in the mini husky breed, this alone should be convincing enough that is is very important never to trust them off leash.

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