My Video Spy Ranking Tutorial

Rank To #1 on Google in 20 Minutes.

My Video Spy is a brand new video ranking app. More than ranking it lets you rank any video to the first page of Google. Which means that My Video Spy lets you get heaps of free organic traffic to your affiliate links in a matter of hours, sometimes even in minutes.

How does My Video Spy work?

Inside this review will look at the main features of My Video Spy.

It does the job in four stages. It finds the best low competition niches and keywords to rank your video for in order that you don't waste your time on competitive niches.

Then My Video Spy lets you track and spy on your competitors videos to see which long tail keywords they are missing in order that you can outrank them!

My Video Spy lets you know exactly how much traffic you can actually get from your video in order that you can choose only the best campaigns to invest your time and money in.

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