newfoundland dogs – newfounland dog breed

newfoundland dogs – newfounland dog breed

To stay fit, newfoundland dogs need long daily walks. Swimming is much appreciated. He loves to romp in the snow, and pulling a cart or carrying a backpack gives him a purpose in life.

This kindly breed is good-natured with everyone, especially children, though they should be as well-behaved as he is. He is very sociable and needs more companionship than many other breeds — he doesn’t do well when left alone for long periods.
Early socialization is critical in developing a stable temperament, for some male Newfoundlands are aggressive with other male dogs, and a very few may be dominant-aggressive toward people. Excessive shyness is also seen.

The newfoundland dog breed is not a pushover — he has an independent streak and must learn his manners — but he responds well to patient obedience training. Motivate him with praise and food rewards rather than jerking on the leash, for this breed may have a giant body, but his mind and heart are sensitive. Harshness only makes him skittish and distrustful.
Females are most willing to please, while males may be more hardheaded. Newfs pant a lot, drink a lot (sometimes dunking half of their head into their water bucket), and are champion droolers

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