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What in the World is a pomsky

Even the name sounds cute, and the first time you see one of these adorable pups, you’ll realize that a cute name is appropriate: for most people, it’s a case of love at first sight. This breed is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky and owners will tell you that Pomskies combine the best of both. The size and look of a Pomsky can vary quite a bit, because there aren’t any standards for the breed just yet. In general terms, the pup will end up weighing around the average of its parents’ size; most Siberian Huskies weigh between 30 and 50 pounds, and most Pomeranians come in under seven or eight pounds, so their cross will usually weigh in the neighborhood of 20-30 pounds.
As far as cute pups go, Pomskies take the cake!

The majority of pomsky puppies have the facial appearance and bodily structure of a much smaller Siberian Husky, but with the “fluffy” appearance of their fathers. (They’re usually sired by the Pomeranian and carried by the female Husky, since it could be problematic for a small dog to carry puppies sired by a much larger one.) They have a long, silky coat and commonly have their mother’s coloring – a mixture of black, white and grey. Their narrow, alert faces with perky ears are a particularly enduring feature for anyone who’s seen them in person.

One of the reasons for the pomskies amazing growth in popularity is its disposition. Most of these “designer” pups are very smart, playful, friendly and loving with a gentle disposition. Families find that Pomeranian Huskies and children become fast friends and companions. In fact, homes with kids are best for these adorable pomskies because they often want attention and always want to play. Just be sure to introduce the dog gently and slowly when there are children in the home, as (like its Pomeranian father) it can be a bit skittish until it gets used to its new environment. And if you have a cat or other household pet, that shouldn’t deter you; typically these puppies get along very well with other animals.

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