presa canario

presa canario

The presa canario is a docile, affectionate doggy. They are great family protectors and they are bred to always be family companions along with guardians. They are distrustful of guests, but should accept strangers if your owner accepts these people. They should always be very alert and able to defend the owner or property in the event necessary. It is mostly a quiet breed but has a very intimidating start barking.

This breed calls for an owner which understands the leader nature of pets. No member from the family can be uncomfortable throughout the dog. Canaries help make outstanding guard pets. Just their appearance is a deterrent, not to say their ability to confront any burglar. As with almost all guardian type pets early socialization in addition to obedience training are a must. Occasionally you’ll have some dog aggression inside the presa canario, but with right socialization and training this can be a exception and certainly not the rule.

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