Quality Custom Large Solid Teak Wood Shower Mat


Quality Custom Large Solid Teak Wood Shower Mat for your bath, spa or steam room.
Turn your bathroom into a spa with a teak shower mat
Is your bathroom looking tired and old?
Do you want to remodel but you just don’t have the finances?
Why not add a teak shower mat to your shower enclosure?
Our high quality wood shower mat adds the look and feel of a nice luxury spa to your bathroom.
Teak is tight grained, contains natural oils and is a long-lasting wood, great for wet and moist locations.
The deck chairs on expensive cruise ships are made of teak.
In addition, there are practical reasons for installing a new teak shower floor in your bathroom.
If you are worried about slipping in the bathroom or shower, a flat teak shower floor is much warmer
and less slippery than a sloped wet metal, plastic or tile floor covered with swirling soapy water.
Using a quality wood like teak in your bathroom adds luxury, safety, comfort and a sense of well-being.
Our custom teak shower mats are made in all sizes to fit your shower.
We also have many teak products to complement your bathroom such as teak bath mats, teak shower caddies, teak towel racks and teak shower seats, should you want to sit down in the shower.
So, whether you’re looking for safety, want a new spa-like look in your bathroom or if you just plain like the touch and feel of natural wood, consider a teak shower mat and accessories from us.
Conair, Pollenex, Overstock or Bed Bath and Beyond don’t have custom teak shower mats.
Visit us online for reviews or call today.
(208) 226-4498
We can custom make a teak shower mat perfect for you.
The teak shower seat dot com
Home of all you teak bathroom furniture needs.

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