Samuro – New Hero in Heroes of the Storm

This morning, Blizzard announced the newest hero to enter the Nexus: Samuro.

Samuro is a Blademaster from the Warcraft universe and is to be played and a melee assassin. This character reminds me a bit of Master Yi from League of Legends, but with some Chin thrown in and a little bit of stealth on top of it. Now, Master Yi was one of my favorite League characters, so I’m really excited to play Samuro.

His passive is pretty neat, whenever you hit an enemy hero, you gain 25% movement speed for 2 seconds. This is clearly really helpful for chasing down enemy heroes, but it can be helpful when you’re trying to escape, too. Just smack whoever’s after you and run really fast – especially when combined with his Wind Walker skill.

His active skills are pretty neat, too. First, we have Mirror Image, which creates two more Samuros that have 50% of your current health, deal 30% of your current damage, lasting for 18 seconds. Kinda like Chen’s Earth Wind and Fire plus Nova’s Decoy skill. It would appear that you can’t control your mirrors until level 10 and you chose the Illusion master ult.

Next, we have Critical Strike, which makes your basic attacks deal critical damage for 10 seconds, which also applies to your mirrors. It has a passive bonus as well, making every fourth basic attack a critical one.

Then we have wind walk, which also looks like a lot of fun. It’s similar to Tassadar’s Dimensional Shift. It gives you stealth and allows you to move through other units and increase your movement speed for eight seconds. Any damage you do and certain skills will end the effect. This will be helpful for ganking and as an “oh crap” button to help you escape enemy ganks.

For our ults, we have Bladestorm, which looks a lot like Sonya’s whirlwind, lasting for 4 seconds, and illusion master, which gives you control over your mirrors and increases their damage by another 15%, bringing it up to 45% of your current damage.

So, we have an interesting character here, and one that I’m excited about playing.

But, you guys know the drill, like, share, sub, and tell me in the comments who you think would pair up best with Samuro. I’m thinking a shield Tassadar and Samuro duo where you sneak up and kill stuff and then run away really fast in stealth.

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And don’t forget to come back for more Heroes gameplay!

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