schnauzer – mini schnauzer – mini schnauzer puppies

All about the schnauzer  – mini schnauzer – mini schnauzer puppies

The schnauzer is a medium-size dog who inspired early breeders to develop two more breeds who look just like him — the Mini schnauzer and the Giant schnauzer.

It’s no wonder breeders wanted to duplicate this dog in different sizes for different needs. standard schnauzers are not only highly intelligent and excellent family companions, they’re uniquely handsome, even aristocratic, in appearance. Renowned for their guarding abilities and devotion to their families, they’re also often described as a dog with a human brain.

The mini schnauzer typically carry themselves with a great deal of self-importance. They are agile and athletic, and excel in performance sports such as agility, tracking and herding. Highly versatile, they’re good hunters and have been used as retrievers both on land and in the water. They’re also excellent herders of sheep and cattle, one of their original jobs as an all-around farm dog. In fact, many standard schnauzers have earned American Kennel Club (AKC) herding titles.

Along with  their working dog raditions, they also make excellent watchdogs. mini schnauzer puppies are territorial, quick to bark at any disturbance. They have a deep bark that sounds as though it should come from a much larger dog and are vigorous in carrying out their watchdog duties.


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