Senior Portraits for 2018 School Year

Senior Portraits for 2018

This is the 2018 high school years and portraits should be taken now.

In San Antonio Texas there is talented and skilled photographers that can create some really nice portraits for you. Check out as many websites as you can for samples of work. Most photographers have plenty of previous client samples photos on their sites in web galleries do you can compare the quality of work they each do. Another important point is to check reviews of the senior portraits photographer you’re think of hiring. Make sure they have a good online reputation for producing good work as well as being customer friendly.

Visit our senior photography article to see additional sample photos of work.

What to Wear for Senior Portraits

For high school girls wear non-pattern clothing. Try to stick to solid colors. You don’t want your clothing to compete with your face. This can make or break your photo session and you may be disappointed with your photographs. Set a plan or goal for clothing before. Talk to the photographer about what you’ll be wearing.

Makeup for Senior Portraits

Be sure you get your makeup by someone you trust. Getting the perfect amount of makeup is very important to your photographs. No makeup can result in shiny areas on the cheeks and forehead. For a photographer this is very difficult to remove in Photoshop.

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