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Work Life Balance Does Exist and Retail Service Systems (RSS) can help you achieve it. Apply at:

RSS and their Women’s Entrepreneur Initiative believe that empowering women is an obligation that no company should overlook. Many of our top locations are owned by women and the work life balance it creates for them and their families make RSS a great fit. If you are a motivated woman looking to escape the corporate world and you are ready to own your own small business, RSS could be a great fit.

RSS is a cutting-edge, business systems development, and services company dedicated to providing today’s entrepreneurs with business programs they control to maximize profitability and lifestyle choices.

RSS Offers World Class Training “As one of the fastest growing companies in America, RSS has an exciting atmosphere and adding my “All-Pro Motivation” and “Next Level” training programs to their proven and powerful training model has been incredible. The energy and passion all the RSS business coaches have is exhilarating and I look forward to years of helping them empower entrepreneurs across the nation.”

At RSS, we take pride in manufacturing products here at home and approximately two-thirds of the products we sold in 2017 were made in the good ole USA. We have orchestrated our production capabilities to maximize the logistics of regional distribution through 19 different manufacturing facilities strategically located to supply a national chain in a swift and cost-efficient manner.

RSS’s production capabilities provide ever more important “to store” and “to customer” direct shipping efficiencies that far exceed what a mom and pop operation can achieve. Our logistics and distribution vision continue to be a powerful part of how RSS is disrupting the home furnishings industry.


Understanding that different entrepreneurs have different desires, ambitions,talents and experience, RSS has created a multi-program, multi business model targeting the 110 Billion Dollar a year home furnishings industry that comes with options. To have options is to have opportunity!

BoxDrop Mattress

BoxDrop Mattress is our start-up program that has disrupted the 20 Billion Dollar a year mattress industry as the largest and fastest growing mattress retail business of its kind. Growing triple digits in three of the last four years, BoxDrop Mattress is for owners who want better control of their time and income. This is an appointment based, mattress only, strategy that maximizes time and money so you can make better lifestyle choices.

BoxDrop Mattress and Furniture

BoxDrop Mattress & Furniture is a national affiliated business opportunity. We offer branding, marketing, and distribution scenarios that connect brick and mortar businesses to specialized e-commerce and social media marketing strategies using proprietary “Channeled Purchasing” and selling methodologies in the close out and clearance marketplace. With our live action National Training center, RSS trains business owners how to successfully add advanced categories and programs to their businesses while also offering capitalization assistance for expansion.

BoxDrop Sofa

The growing upholstery category is already a 30 Billion Dollar a year segment of the 110 Billion Dollar US home furnishings industry. RSS’s proven and established proprietary methodologies for disrupting the 20 Billion Dollar US retail mattress industry are a perfect fit for targeting and disrupting this category. Our proprietary model for uniquely establishing and operating an upholstery centric model as an RSS program add-on or stand-alone business, maximizes revenue capabilities while at the same time bringing consumers a value-added scenario never seen within the sofa industry before.

BoxDrop Distribution

As one of the largest and fastest growing national chains of mattress and furniture stores in the United States, RSS offers a large scale multi-location & multi-model program for our most ambitious, successful and sophisticated entrepreneurs. This “Super BoxDrop” model is a wholesale/retail distribution opportunity that maximizes “market blanketing” on a high-volume scale leveraging national branding and quantity purchasing programs designed to maximize profits and efficiencies in ways mom and pop operations cannot. As a force in “last mile delivery” business growth, distribution is a new frontier and RSS offers capitalization programs for these enterprise ventures for inventory and real estate acquisition.

Small Business ideas for Women

Business ideas for Women

Small Businesses for Women



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