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Comparing Tasty Pizza vs Tasty Pasta in Cuenca Ecuador
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who will win? which one would we like more?
Restaurant – La Vina in Cuenca Ecuador

In our last episode we ate an pretty good burger a Philly cheese-steak and Super good Fries but In the episode of -Have a bite with us- We went to an awesome restaurant called La Vina located in Cuenca Ecuador.
We were desperately looking for a restaurant that makes their own homemade pasta here in cuenca ecuador because we saw a video by BuzzFeed and the craving was on! After checking out about 3 places and finding out none of them make their own Pasta we remembered an awesome place we had a Pizza in once and it had an Italian vibe . We looked it up online and here it was , home made pasta and delicious pizza.
We went to have dinner the place was very calm and very romantic .
they have two rooms with tables and an additional floor where they play Jazz music , for a small donation you can come up an enjoy Live music at almost no cost . We Decided to sit in one of the more empty rooms..
Slava got a Large mushroom pizza and Karen Decided to go with the Fettuccine with mushrooms .

The food came in pretty fast and we dug right in Slava was already pretty full but the Pizza was good enough that he finished all of it besides maybe 2 crusts haha! Karen finally had her Fettuccine , she hadnt had it in almost 3 years since she ate at her uncles restaurant in NYC.

On the other hand Slava never had Fettuccine before and never tried home made Pasta.. I was so happy to finally try it , it was really good . I dont even like food that much im usually okay with something quick and healthy but this was so delicious it was melting in my mouth and flavors were so amazing – Slava

We enjoyed the rest of our meals and finished everything.

The restaurant did have a small menu but we dont think it needed to be any bigger they o Italian food an they are good at it!
The prices were not bad it was around 11$ for the large pizza and 9-10$ for the fettuccine.

We Really Enjoyed our Night and the food here is the information about La Vina

Address: Luis Cordero 5-101 y J.Jaramillo, Cuenca 010150, Ecuador
Location: South America Ecuador Azuay Province Cuenca
Phone Number: +593 7-283-9696

Really nice staff . We actually tried to pay with a Credit Card but they dont accept them and since we never walk around with too much cash we had to go look for an ATM .. they were not stressed about it and trusted us completely ! it was very nice of them but remember the time you go there to bring CASH !

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