teacup chihuahua

Learn About The teacup chihuahua


There is no such recognized breed as the teacup chihuahua
or any other name that suggests that the chihuahua is smaller than the “normal” breed.

The only genuine and accepted breed is simply the “Chihuahua”.

There are instances in which this term teacup chihuahua is used:

As a marketing ploy

At some point, owning a very tiny dog became a status symbol – mostly hyped by certain Hollywood celebrities. It took off as a fad and continued on as a very real advertising strategy.
Since the words teacup chihua succeeded in catching the attention of a throng of puppy buyers, breeders around the world would label dogs as such – even if the puppies met established breed standard size.

Of course, misleading the public is unethical and is a gauge of one’s moral compass. With that said, there are some reputable breeders who will use the term

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