UpViral Demo, Review & Awesome Bonus!

UpViral Demo HD by Wilco de Kreij
What is referral marketing?
UpViral which is being described by the creator Wilco de Kreij as The Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform To Launch On August 5th.

In each of his previous 3 launches Mr de Kreij has generated revenue in excess of $500,000 and this launch is set to top those figures with a massive industry buzz being generated around the product.

So what is referral marketing?
According to the UpViral JV launch page referal marketing is how dropbox built a business:
“This is how DropBox built their $10 billion empire.

It only took 15 months for DropBox to grow from 100k users to 4 Million users – an impressive 3900% growth caused by one very effective strategy.

It’s proven over and over again that this strategy is incredibly effective across all niches and markets.

It’s how a simple 2-paged site collected 138.790 leads within 40 days, a brand new company collected 100,000 leads within a week – and so forth. Even our own beta-testers are getting incredible results,collecting thousands of email leads with their UpViral campaigns in just a few weeks time!”

These are impressive claims by UpViral for their new platform and its sure to be another massive success for the talented team behind it.


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